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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:BARU
Specification:We are an importer of airsoft gun that distributes different types of airsoft gun for both domestic production, as well as overseas with cheap and affordable prices as well as the manufacture of KTA PERBAKIN only Rp.450.000 ( Guaranteed cheapest this reply) CLUB as well as providing for only Rp.300.000 KTA .. . For reservations at HP.081911233930 or email: aksesui.airsofter @ gmail.com.

Airsoft gun that we sell are made of stainless steel ( full metal / metal slide) , with the best quality, tested, and reliable. As for the bullet / mm are made of steel, aluminum, and plastic pellets. Was the issue of CO2 gas, and greengas / gas tubes. Airsoft gun types are available, including; Beretta, Glock, FN, Makarov, Sig Sauer, Whalther, Revolver, etc..

In addition, we also sell airsoft gun parts, such as bullets, a holster / pistol holster, magazine, and serving service airsoft gun.

Price airsoft gun available fluctuated because there are factors that influence it, eg just buy airsoft gun for him alone, without a license / KTA, or package system ( airsoft gun & license / kta) , and factor shipping costs are sometimes sometimes changed. Therefore, the price can be negotiated via phone / sms.

Warning: Airsoft gun is a tool used in the shooting sports activities. Besides, it can also be used to protect, defend themselves, but rather to be displayed in public. Therefore, the use of airsoft gun must be in accordance with its objectives, namely tools for sports activities or defend themselves from the possibility of crime or criminal activities. We are not responsible if any member who violates the provisions agreed upon.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Toni Depok [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: yudhimoeslem78@yahoo.co.id Y!: yudhimoeslem78@yahoo.co.id
Mobile Number:+6281911233930
Phone Number:+6281911233930
Address:jl.Bukit Cengkeh II E3 No.14 Kelapadua
depok 16951, Jawa Barat
bidang AirSoft Gun

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